Mad for No reason?

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There are times when we get angry. While anger is not so much the problem its what we do when we get angry. Men are told that women are the weaker vessel. This is clearly false. The actual scripture say giving them honor as of the weaker vessel(1st Peter 3:7). This simple slip of the ignorant has placed women in a peculiar situation as to be treated like you are weak (one to be protected), is much different than being treated like a subordinate. The differences between men and woman have been the subject of way too many arguments. However, the idea here is that the man being logical and the woman being emotional in orientation has been exploited to create a schism between the genders and this schism sets the stage for many divorces. The subject here is the perception of importance. Many people in relationships get angry about one thing or another and at a point without discussion can set the stage for infidelity, violence and even divorce.

I start here by saying that standards for character are universal; standards for gender are relative. What I mean by the above statement is that how we act as people is a universal standard. We follow the golden rule in doing to others what we would have done to ourselves. The second part of the statement is where the rubber meets the road. The differing mindsets become the lens by which we evaluate any thing that comes before us. For example: a sunny day to a logical person is the sun giving light; to an emotional person its a beautiful, sun-shinny day to be filled with enjoyment and pleasure. While this may be an over-simplification the idea is the same the two mindsets see these two and without agreement any situation scenario differently. When things require one mindset or another, having one way or the other can hinder reaching a standard if the standard requires one or another. Logic is not creative therefore asking a logical person to be creative is not a reasonable request; conversely when the situation requires logical thinking, an emotional mindset would naturally find it difficult. so asking a person who is emotional to think logically is equally not a reasonable request.

There are times when our partner will do something that is offensive to us. They may see it a simple thing but we sit in our selves and fume over the idea that this person has done this thing.  Anger makes you storm away from the area, pout and purposefully withhold your feelings. Often times a slammed door is a revealer of our true feelings coupled with a bristling against a hug or display of affection. To this person the diplomatic lens must get cleaned so that we can understand where the person is coming from. the fact of the matter is that when a person gets angry there is more at the root of it. I heard a story one time about a man who while he was at the dinner table, wanted a drink and there was no ice and no ice trays because the freezer was full. He was tired and said, ” I like ice”, his wife started to explain what there was no ice, followed by her getting up from the table and started gruffly putting away the food. Later, he realized that she felt like he was dropping a hint that she was not doing her job int he kitchen which the agreed was her area. He also wondered why it was important, I told him that she wants to be perfect for him and the idea that there was something she should not do at that moment caused her a problem cause the idea that she was inadequate made her angry. He told her she was mad for nothing as the ice was not a big deal. I told him that, “it was for her.”

To conclude, understanding is tantamount in any relationship. People get angry. when you know what they are angry about, you can put yourself in a better position to deal with them which will give you the right attitude in helping to fix what it was, if it can be fixed

How to Love your partner

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Dr. Timothy Hart B.A. PSY, SAS, M.Th, D.Th

What is Love? This is the age old question and many people just don’t get it. When we say we love someone what does that mean? Does it mean I think your are pretty / handsome? sexy attractive? Does it mean I really like you and want to be with you? or do you just want to have sex? The reality is most people get their idea of Love from the movies or romance novels. The fact of the matter is that what many is calling love is a response from their senses that have been combined with the social idea of having a relationship. The light of truth about love is pointing in the direction of there being a higher meaning to this term and while we are in relationships where we get angry and upset while claiming to love a partner. The idea of love carries with it the facts of who we are as individuals. Our senses pick up stimuli and we process it and formulate an opinion as to how we deal with it. It usually ends in sex or some form of physical intimacy. The fact of the matter is this. Love is when what you know overrides what you feel. Love is the most logical thought process you can have. In the bible Love covers all faults, is patient and kind, doesn’t get angry and frustrated with people or act unseemly. This is because it makes a decision to keep moving forward despite what is usually misconstrued as error and faults. Love makes not requests of its object nor does it get angry when rejected.

When make a friend, we choose to accept them just as they are because we recognize that they are different and making changes will change the relationship. When we choose a life partner, this attitude should carry over. The difference between the friendship and the life partnership is sex. Once a man has sex with a woman its a safe to assume that he has conquered, and the woman assumes she is accepted. As we can see by the number of divorces, this may be the case in an abstract sense.

We love our partners by the following.

Recognizing they are not us – The most ignorant thing we can do is to assume that your partner is like or will act like us. We are critical of the flaw in our partners while not admitting to our own. They are not perfect aside of having all the parts. Appreciate that what they are bringing you, it not something you have. They are there to compliment you not to be your slave or you theirs.

Making knowing them intimately a quest – So many couples don’t know their partners. This is because many relationships are two or three trick ponies. There are two or three things that are being used as the glue to hold them together and one of them is usually sex – the weakest of the three and the most damaging to the psyche if the two are not committed.

Men be men with understanding / Woman be ladies with knowledge – Men can sometimes seemingly be harsh and uncaring. This is not the case. Men are being men and as such to be forced to be sensitive can be an unreasonable request. Men understand that the woman needs to hear from you be solid enough to trust her with your knowledge and don’t treat her like a child but be accommodating. Women know that men are different and any attempt to change him might net you the kind of man you don’t like. If you stay focused on being the best woman and lady you can be you will find the man being more chivalrous than you might believe. Men don’t hold doors open to competitors. If you decide to display superwoman that’s exactly what you will become.

Be more affectionate – allow your partner to know if you are not.

Most men are very affectionate. the unaffectionate ones are the exception and not the rule. So allow him to be affectionate with you and never push him away. Men, recognize when she is not with it and find something else to do or offer your help. Allow her space without an attitude. This is an acid test of her love for you. When she is ready to talk you will be the first. Don’t accept dysfunction unless you are ready to go down that rabbit hole of unstable emotions. She loves attention and be consistent with any action you perform toward her. ?Wisdom speaks. Don’t start of with a bang cause you will find you don’t have enough ammo to sustain it. Men like gifts as well. Start with small things and work your way up. Time and memories are best spent accumulating little by little. One rose, then two; for the ladies expensive gifts will make a man who is not enlightened lazy and entitled. Love is selfless and always thinks of the receiver. If what you are doing carries with it some sense of reciprocity, its not love. Love does not see rejection as rejection. Love learns how to better serve and be better toward you without exceptions except for the promises you make which anyone would expect. If you fail to keep your word, love has a mind to forgive even if there is no request.

When you say you love, be loving and when you give love you will receive love in return; if you don’t receive love in return leave for the sake of the person who won’t or can’t give it back. You have to love yourself and allowing a person their choice without judgement is the ultimate act of love.


Rasing the Kids Part 2


Children are much like plants. The ground they are planted in needs to be as free as it can be from large rocks and trash that might hinder their development. With this being said, the goal of parents is not to find the best mate but to be the best mate. There are signs that some people are not marriage material. Make no bones about it the life a child is filled with images and scenarios that help them to find out what type of person they will be. As I mentioned in part 1, the things that are in the child come from the parents and they will come to fruition given the proper exposure and opportunity to express itself. Here are six things a person needs to be in order to be the best mate.

  1. Loving – It is important to love but more important to be loving which is the expression of love. We must not be deceived into thinking that and erotic scenario where the emotions flow heavily is a prerequisite for a strong relationship. Although chemistry is important but the inner man has to have a propensity to push past the obstacles that hinder a loving and caring environment. If you are not a physical person then a physical person is not for you. A loving attitude does not judge a person for not being but recognizes the differences and if you intend to have a long term relationship with such a person either adjust or find a way to deal with the loneliness you will experience as a result of unmet needs.
  2. Knowledgeable – Entering a relationship ignorant of the opposite sex is relationship suicide and is the root of many misunderstandings and violence. Frustration as to how to deal with a person who is way to talkative or conversely not talkative enough can bring the worse kind of selfishness to surface…the attitude that I want to see it done as opposed to what is best for your partner.
  3. Have a system of values – I call this “the code”. Many people are flying by the seat of their pants and have no clue as to how to act. I have seen many a men open doors for their mate but after a year they jump in the car with her standing outside. I have also seen the big dinner being prepared during courtship but once the relationship enters the commitment stage the man is fixing his own dinner and eating alone. This system of values is a basis of fellowship between two people and if they are true to the code they team up to create the type of life both are accustomed to and should the dynamic not fit exactly they support each other until it happens.
  4. Trustworthiness and supportiveness – During times like these the roles have been reversed. Men are not making as much in some communities as other and the woman finds herself the primary bread winner. In this case the code should motivate the man to strive for better income to rescue his mate from the burden of the “superwoman” narrative and if need be reenter or enter a place of higher learning to acquire more skills or start his own business. Conversely the woman should be an encouragement to keep her mate motivated to reach the goal of primary bread winner by Agreement 2supporting his drive to be better and be willing to be a partner in any endeavor. I have heard stories of a man who wanted more education which meant a sacrifice of income for the home for a time and the wife did not and would not support any effort he attempted yet complained constantly about the lack of funds. Of course the relationship ended the man remarried and his new wife was fully on board he is now a physician. They have a six bdrm house and their children are at this time graduating high school with full scholarships to top 10 colleges, while she struggles going from job to job..still complaining. If you want to have a strong relationship it would be wise to unite with someone who wants what you want be sure that what you want she / he wants as well
  5. Honest – Openness is the order of the day in any relationship. If you cannot talk to your mate for fear that they will blow a gasket or trivialize what you say you need another situation. The arguments and the deception will kill the trust in your children.
  6. Agreeable – We don’t always agree with everything that happens or is said but we can still be agreeable. This means allowing a person to have a differing view without a conspiracy being afoot, and a faction forming in the home. I had an opportunity to talk with a man whose wife loves gumbo. He hates okra. Well if you know how gumbo is made an important ingredient on gumbo is, you guessed it..okra. He wife loves him so what she did was she made the gumbo without okra and was happy. She told him she was not going to risk not making him happy for the cause of okra. This is an example of being agreeable.

When you have these six qualities you are well on your way to building a healthy environment for your child and you will have a great marriage which should be the goal of people who want to have children. I will finish with this if you have sex you want children. I say that because that’s what comes of a sexual relationship, With that being said if you plan to have sex strengthen these qualities because sooner or later (unless something else happens) a child will come and you should strive for the best for your children

Raising the Kids Part 1


Children are wonderful! They bring joy and give us a warm feeling. They also require a lot of care. In a day and time when things are so our of control we must step up the game when it comes to them. There are three things we must come to grips with as it relates to them and and they are these:

  1. They do not belong to us – Many parents view children as assets or possessions and as a result miss their true value.
  2. They will not be children always – Children are people, untrained and uneducated people and it is our responsibility and should be our joy to bring them to the fruit of adulthood and the fulfilling of the divine plan for their lives.
  3. They do come with instructions – God placed inside of everyone a code called DNA. In this code are temperaments and propensities that we can clearly see if we view our children in respect to 1 and 2 above. They also have grand parents who probably did a good job of raising you if this post is touching you positively. They have a wealth of knowledge specially for you.

With that being said, we must come to the realization that we are equipped to handle the raising of our children whats left is the decision. Whether we want to be parents or not. Lets not get it twisted, sex is for creating children, God made it pleasurable so that we would do it. When we enter the pleasure dome without a plan or recklessly we may come out of the dome with one more than we went in. So there is a cost to be counted when we enter. So many children grow up in dysfunctional homes because they were the reason for establishing the home. When this happens many have challenges in respect to child raising that need not be. Here are some points to help you to know if you should be a parent:

  1. If you did not listen to your parents or there were very few quality adults in your life.
  2. If vanity is a major motivator in your path to adult hood.
  3. If your view of sex is all about the pleasure principle.
  4. If you are a complainer when things need to be done
  5. If you are a complainer when things get tough

Intrinsically speaking, if you are a fearful and lazy person; If you want to get something for nothing more often than earning what you get; if you are more involved with “getting paid” than working for a purpose then you should not have children. Children know more than we think so our conduct has to line up with truth, honor and integrity. A willingness to create an environment that is beneficial for your children is an absolute necessity. Raising children starts before the children are born, before you choose a mate and before you have sex the first time. It is a great thing to be a part of a Good church. There you will find a good pastor who understands family relations, nurtures people and provides a ground for other families who are accessing wisdom and being successful as being good people. This is where the raising starts…with a good person prepared to meet the challenge.

Love Lesson #5 the thin line

There’s an old saying, that there’s a thin line between love and hate. Well actually, the line is an implied line cause the emotions swing like the pendulum on an old grandfather clock. I say this because many have crossed this so called line without even knowing it. We go into relationships not knowing the person we are with which makes it difficult to stay on one side or the other. The person sitting next to you may be the one to cut you so deep that you fall.into the chasm and it can seem like there is no bottom. The key is meaningful communication. There are signs that a person needs a healing even from.first glance, and our lack of understanding can compound this situation.
Here are five ways you can prevent getting caught up with a person like this:
1) Mingle with the same people they mingle with. People sometimes inadvertently reveal their methods of managing anger.while they claim to single you out as special, all they need is a spark and if that spark is from you you will get the same treatment. Watch the signs.
2) when you feel the butterflies in your belly when they get angry. Your spirit can only flow when the energies are familiar. If they get angry and shut you out, that’s a red flag.
3) Refusal of comfort. When a person gets so angry they can’t be pacified, that’s a red flag. It also says that they are sometimy about what they will communicate with you about.
4) The silent treatment. When a person uses the silent treatment its a form of manipulation. A person who will manipulate you does not love you and the more “no s” they receive they will be controlling, and disloyal to you when they don’t get their way.
5) The shut out paradox. If a person will shut you out of their life while claiming to be in a relationship with you, it won’t be long before it will be permanant. This comes from the need to control the situation and many times there is not goal at its root. Alienation and separation are the binders for divorce. Without intervention it will happen. Stubnorness and insolence just drive whatever past pain spikes in deeper.
Love is for us at beat physical mingled with the seasoning of affection. The higher love is joyful. It needs no season or pretense. It does not offend easily so you can get the opportunity to develop and grow into the unit that a marriage should be.

You Selfish so and so…

It may suprise many of you when I say that you are a selfish so and so. You might think Im talking about keeping things to yourself or hoarding things; maybe you are stingy and wont give under any circumstances.Im not tlaking about that,Im talking about the type of selfishness that is control freakish in nature. There are givers in the world then there are thr selfish bastard that is looking for accolades for what they do. There is another class of selfish that many never consider. This type does a lot for people. They somtimes stay up late and are on call. The go into debt for folks and let people into thier houses when the displaced person needs a place to stay. While all these are good, the focus here is why. Are they really doing it for the benefit of the person or are they doing it  so they can fulfill thier Christian duty; or may be becuase they know what it feels like to be homeless; or maybe because they have compassion of the person. While all of these are good reasons they are selfish ones. There are times when we care about people and we set conditions on the service or blessing we provide. When the person does not perform like we like we begin the process of bullying the person to perform like we would like. This is the selfishness. Instead of thinking about what the best interests are for the person we just want to see it done. We even become angry when its not done like we like it in the time we want to see it done. If you want to kill the selfishness, give and walk away. The minute you take in personally you are being selfish. It is not our responisbility to make someone change if any change will be made its will be divine and not carnal. Husbands try to change wives and vise versa. Leave them alone if there is anny change to be made God will make it or he wont. Live for you and if the other person agrees and move forward its gravy, of they don’t, you must keep pushing toward your next minute.

Love hate – the un healthy balance

Many people are in a very unhealthy situation in their relationships. There is arguing and disagreement about everything. From money, to frieness if mates to sporting events, some thing to which there comes discord. Yet they still lay claim to having love for the other. The lie continues until it gets physical or divorce or both. This dear readers is unhealthy. The source for these challenges is usually control. Many women don’t seem to realize that you can have all the money in the world and give up the very thing that makes us human, affection, respect and the pride of having and keeping a happy home; conversely some men have lost the drive to be providers. Many reasons cause the financial situation but the imp things is not to reduce your relationship to dollars and.cents. there are too many sacrifices to make chasing money and.or will certainly sacrifice your mental health and if it gets too far your physical health.  It also must be mentioned that manipulation and control are to things you don’t enter your homes. No one likes to be controlled or manipulated. If you feel like its too much to handle, there is a good chance there is a one sided view of the situation. If there is a need for a different thing make sure your mate al least knows and understands your point of view and be patient enough to be a listener if you must talk. Many people make the.mistake of confiding more in outsiders who will agree with their point at the risk of allowing their friend to keep their sometimes twisted views. Thre is also what I call the alternative life, where social media and other means become the escape and the manner by which people live secret lives within their own houses. When it falls apart remember that your facebook friends will.not in many cases be able to help cause they only know your “facebook” personality they may be surprise at what they find in person. If you are in this type.of situation, don’t resort to negatives to aid you in repairing it. Look at yourself fix what’s whats wrong with you and find a quietness within yourself. The enemy of.your relationship is not outside your door, it sits at your dinner table. When you get rid of him you will find the hate to be the illusion that it is and the peace will.stay with you which is where it needs to be. Have your friends but devote yourself to improving your domestic life. You will find that the growth you will experience and the joy you will regain will be much more rewarding. You just havr to believe that it can be fixed and know that there are to and the balance can only be created by two.

Trouble in Paradise


When there is trouble in the home, there are many reasons for the emotions that come forward. These emotions are destructive for many reasons. The first of which is now that you have crossed over into the “anger zone” you can be sure that there are tools there that can render you a single person.

1. Bad Language – appalling language that demonstrate a lack of character and in some cases that the user has hidden issues.

2. Insults – Name calling and negative banter that is only designed to hurt the receiver and there is never a time when it does not. Shots at a persons maleness and/or femininity; occupation; income status; position in the home, usually with no useful purpose but to make the person feel bad.

3. Conspiracies – Here are the plans on “what I’m gonna do next”. You get it fixed in your head that you are either gonna end the relationship secretly; start another relationship / or cheat; or inflict injury on the object of your anger.

When you enter the anger zone you attach things to yourself;f that don’t come off easily. When you hold a grudge you can end up depressed or arrested or both depending on how you act when you get there. Many men have ended up in prison because their actions while in the zone caused them to hurt or kill someone and feel regret later. Many women have caused divorces to start when their anger caused them to miss the nuance of the “final blow”, and here’s a news flash ladies, men cheat when this comes. Its because they just want to feel loved and no its not the rule and no this does not apply to all cheaters. Many people carry the grudge so long that they forget how to be happy. This leads to a dysfunctional attitude of believing that your mate is supposed to make you happy. You should be happy and if you get angry about character differences, you probably should not be in the relationship in the beginning. At any rate, you’er here and you are pissed till overflow the things you want to remember are these:

1. Before you let it fly, assess why you are really angry. You can most times come to a viable solution if you tell your mate these simple words; ” What you have done is really upsetting me(or whatever term fits at the time) and this is why.” Understanding leads to compassion and compromise. If your mate really loves you, they make strides toward changing the conduct that caused you anger. Conversely, your thought time should entail you thinking about your mate’s pattern of thinking. You might be judging them falsely and you are angry for nothing.

2. Find your role in the incident. It is all too often that one stupid deed starts the ball rolling into situations that are just as stupid as the incident that started it. For example: A man overdraws the checking account. The wife sees the balance and goes ballistic.(sound familiar) What she did was adopt a policy of partial disclosure. While the man deposits his whole paycheck into the account he never knows how much is actually in the account. The stupidity of partial disclosure lead to a false assumption that there was enough in the account which lead to overdraft and her losing her mind over it. Answer: He needs to ask; she needs to fully disclose all information where he is concerned. Problem solved.

3. Know what your acts can cause. Many women in an act of jealousy will kick the man out of the house. If the attitude is to keep the man in the house an out of the arms of another, wouldn’t kicking him out defeat your purpose? (think about that). The whole punishment piece should be removed from the picture but of course it wont be because people want control.

Women, the moment you take control you may end up alone cause no man will stand around and wait for you to get back into the place you have placed yourself. Men if you want control you can’t be a brute and expect her to comply.It a new day and a new time. When she has probably deluded herself into thinking you would be a provider cause she sees you as handsome and the sex was good,and you are falling short.  Facebook and other social networking sites are no substitute for the person sitting right across the room from you. At the end of the day both need to grow up and realize that life is way to short to get upset about things that as soon as they happen they end and carrying grudges can cause you to waste a lot of beautiful days, opportunities to be treated really good, and chances to experience some really positive times. Find peace, be peaceful and enjoy peace.


The family is the most important social institution…


The family is the most important social institution on the planet. From family get a pool of citizens; productive people who will work to maintain and in some places improve our way of life, Many people who get married come from dysfunctional families. This means that the message the child is going to get will be partially dysfunctional, and if someone does not intervene the child will be a more dysfunctional adult who will have children and the cycle will continue.So as your wedding day approaches, there needs to be a clear understanding as to how the children will be raised. Lets approach this from two perspectives: The Male perspective and the Female Perspective.

The Male Perspective – The man has been long viewed as the head of the household which my no means says that he should have the final say. Many families are the way they are because the man is either out of the home, home part time, or at best an appendage by virtue of relationship failure, prison, or alternative sexual preferences (which is a modern day thing). There are five things a man needs to do if the child is going to be functional as an adult.

1.Put attendance with the child before all other activities until they can communicate well enough with you that you can spend time away without them having a melt down. As a godly man (which I’m hoping the readers are or striving to be), you have to be present because your influence and authoritative energies make a child feel safe; it makes the girls feel loved and protected and the boys need your energies so they can form into the man his genetic structure says he should be. You are the only “God” they know until they get a willful introduction to the real God.

2.. Don’t set unreasonable standards for your mate. When you meet her see what she gravitate towards and allow her that and don’t interfere when she does it unless she asks for your help or she becomes unable to do it herself. Remember that if she is wanting to build a home with you she is likely poud to do these things. When you tell her how to do what she does you will risk her feeling like she is not good enough and the divorce is starting the first time she voices it.

Be affectionate to the mother. She may be feeling inadequate because of her physical image, she needs to know that you will still love her no matter what and your bond with the children and your tenderness is attractive to her. She also needs your physical touch. Your God given energies are important to the whole house in fact God places it in you as his favor so that you can be a righteous ruler of your house.

Be the man you want your children to know and understand. If you are wimpy and unkempt, your daughters will gravitate toward that kind of man for a mate, and your son will tend to not care much for his hygiene. They will also watch your mate as if she shows disdain for it your children will likely she disdain as well.

The Female Perspective

As the woman of the house, you bring the balance and the beauty to the home. If you are unruly and wild, have a street or subculture state of mind, it wont be long before your son is trying to emulate trick daddy and you daughters want to emulate Nikki Minaj. if you want to raise functional children here are some things that will help:

1. Develop a plan before you get pregnant. This will entail you not having sex with any on Joe cause he’s fine. This will imply that he be father material else you will waste your time and your life and worse the life of your child. Make it clear who should do what and when even if it means years down the road. For example, when you know there is a boy child coming, you might want to get the dad to join more in family gatherings; family nights and even watching shows that encourage male leadership from a righteous perspective.

2. Be willing to become an educator. The woman spends more time with the child than anyone until the child goes to school. Be a reader and a teacher.pull out all the stops to making sure your child weathers the storm of school with ease. The school system is filled with tests and the only way to keep the Ritalin pusher away from your child is to place them in the position to learn with gifted children. its time consuming but it is worth it in the long run for the whole family.

3.Always a lady. Your family will be bombarded with negative influences. You have to show your children the standard for womanhood. You might think that this seems chauvinist but its a well know fact that little girls who are allowed to decide their own standards tend to wind up in the worse types of situations. In addition they need to see how this lady interacts with the opposite sex this means that your mate is included. o if your attitude is bad and you know it, you might not want to be having sex cause as we well know,with sex comes children. You also need to learn how to curb your angry outbursts. Growing and grumbling at your mate about money not only intensifies a potentially volatile situation but it sends a signal that this type of manipulation is how you get what you want.

4. Show your joy. When you show your family that you love them no matter what it also means that you never let them see you sweat. Little things like kissing them good night; every once and awhile a pda with your mate. Even a heartfelt good bye in the morning when leaving the house and a smile when you return. There is no room for pride when it comes to the environment where you are going to raise the next world prodigy or president.

The family can be a joy if it is functional. If it is not then it can contaminate a whole community. Men and women should and need to work together to ensure the future of this valuable institution and produce people who can change the world

Love Lesson #3 Are you Looking or are…

Love Lesson #3

2008 Cotillion Ball 057a

Are you Looking or are you waiting to be chosen?

Hello Ladies, its time to set the record straight. It is declared among you that “there are no good men around.” When asked to many of you what you want from a man the first thing you do is start talking about attributes; Job, wants / does’nt want children, treats me right, romantic, yada, yada, yada. Im gonna be as nice as I can. Many women are not ready for relationships. When seeking a relationship the first thing you should be looking at is your own worldview. Anything you deem negative you wont attract. If your confession has been: “All men are dogs.” ” All they want is to get in your pants.” ” There are no good men around.” Being that I am a spiritual man, I approach life from the Word of God and the word tells us according to your faith be it unto you. so here are some point to help you secure a solid relationship.

1. Change your attitude about life – Too much negativity, from within you or in the company you keep can send a strong signal to a potential mate. Leave Sheniqua at home and got to places that bring your joy. Bars, parties, and get togethers are not the best place to find anything worth anything.

2. If your confession is a mess change it – It is a fact that you can win someone you don’t like. You must genuinely like men if you want one to choose you. If you talk to much just make sure you are saying something worth hearing.

3. Make your standard meet your abilities – Many women are seeking professional men cause they make a ton of money. Well guess what, you are not ready. and if you are looking for a provider, in these days and times you may be the provider cause many of you make more money than your mates (or will).

4.Dress the part – We must be real about this one cause men lie to themselves and so do you. There is no way you can feel comfortable or beautiful with the costumes many women wear. always be presentable like you are professional. Even if you dress down, you don’t have to be low down. Guys are very visual, if you are constantly showing yourself thats all he’s going to expect from you, and you can’t get upset if he wants to leave for the better looking woman cause youu had his child and you are not sexy any longer(so you believe)

5. Stop making a big to do about your appearance – If you don’t love yourself he wont either and if you get together your lack of self esteem will set you up to be cheated on. If you don’t like how you look naturally you will certainly become a slave to vanity. If you don’t like your body get up and exercise. You don’t have to be Ms USA but you can improve if you change your diet and enjoy life.

6. Speak to everyone that speaks to you – You can’t be standoffish and become someones mate. Your ideal mate might be the one you pass over, or snarl at cause you think he just wants to have sex with you. Too often the same women who have trouble in relationships are mean and honery, and this attitude is a huge turn off to any man. Bottom Line, be nice all the time. It costs you nothing to return a courtesy.

7.Control your emotions – For many this is difficult because you follow the dictates of society which tell you that your hormones cause you to be this way. This is only partially true. There are many hormonal people that don’t present a negative image. Control yourself and let God’s peace bring peaceful people to you.

8. Accept what you see until you see otherwise – Many women think that a man with a deal breaker can be changed, WRONG! Unless you get a revelation and command from God when the deal breaker shows up you leave. You don’t have to be mean just make it known that what he is presenting is not for you and move on.

9. Anything you don’t want people to know about you get rid of it – Ladies if you are looking for a real man be a real woman. Integrity is a very important trait to have. It sets you apart from the crowd and it tells the potential mate if can live with you or if he should move on. Always put on your A-game and tattoo your A-game to your minset. What he sees is what he will get.

10. Don’t rebound – No one deserves the fallout from your past messes (regardless who is at fault). try to start fresh, and if you can’t let him know up front give him the chance to say if we wants to deal with it or not. You don’t want to come off as the damsel in distress cause that can cause you to get walked on and abused. Stand strong in who you are, and if you don’t know what that is find it then get involved.

In conclusion, women you make up 2/3 of the population. The numbers alone can work to your disadvantage. Leave you ego on the shelf and be the one in all you do. Put forth 100% at all times and tell the truth. Sex should be last on the list if the subject comes up talk about it but let him know that he is gonna have to dig real deep to get the diamond. Value your self because you are valuable.